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Sep 24, 2023

The Best Sega Dreamcast Accessories

Looking to bring your Sega Genesis to the modern world? These are the best

Looking to bring your Sega Genesis to the modern world? These are the best accessories you can buy right now!

The Dreamcast was the swan song that ended Sega's long history of console manufacturing. Be it the PS2's capabilities to play DVDs, its easy piracy, or Sega's own mismanagement that ultimately destroyed the system, numerous fans still view the system on a pedestal for what it brought to the table. Sega Net was the first foray into many console players' online experiences. Phantasy Star Online brought MMOs to consoles successfully. First-person shooters could be played with a keyboard and mouse.

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With the VMU, players also got their first taste of second-screen action that would become more prevalent just 3 years after the system's demise. The VMU also served as an interesting portable device all its own with the capability of playing stored mini-games. Today the Dreamcast scene is still very much alive, with online functionality having been restored to most titles and new game releases constantly hitting the system. For players just entering the scene or long-time believers, there are a number of accessories available today to make the experience greater than ever!

The Retro Fighters StrikerDC is a modern take on the classic Sega Dreamcast controller featuring improved ergonomics and comfort. With additional shoulder buttons and turbo functionality, the StrikerDC brings a lot to the table!

As cool as the Sega Dreamcast controller is with its slick-looking design, it isn't the most comfortable pad to use these days. The grips are less ergonomic, the thumb stick is rough plastic, and the D-pad is nothing short of an abomination in most use cases. Fans of fighting games might also take issue with the analog triggers. In direct response to each of these issues in the original design, Retro Fighters released their StrikerDC to bring the Dreamcast controller into the modern era! No third-party option available today can match the StrikerDC, making it the best third-party alternative for any Dreamcast player.

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The StrikerDC features a comfortable ergonomic build with great grip and hand placement for optimal usage. The thumb stick is better textured and has good resistance and performance. It isn't quite 1:1 with the original but in most cases, the difference will be negligible enough for casual players. A new set of digital shoulder buttons mirror the traditional analog triggers, making them perfect for fighting games. The analog trigger performs well, and their tactile gear system is pleasing for resistance and fine placements. All first-party VMUs and Jump Packs are also compatible, giving players full system functionality. As a bonus, turbo functionality has been added. With a 10-foot cable, players can enjoy the Dreamcast more easily in larger spaces.

Hook up modern Bluetooth controllers to the Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast effortlessly with the Brook Wingman SD Converter!

With wireless Dreamcast controller alternatives from reputable companies still nowhere to be found, players can instead make the system wireless through the use of the Brook Wingman SD adapter. With the Brook adapter players can connect any Bluetooth-equipped controller to the Dreamcast and experience the system wirelessly with low input latency. As an added bonus, the adapter also works with the Sega Saturn for the ultimate 2-in-1 combo for retro Sega fans!

The Brook Adapter allows a controller's rumble capabilities to function during play, and for those wondering, it features a built-in memory card for saving games. The built-in memory is a Dreamcast standard 240 blocks for proper compatibility. The only downside to the Brook Adapter is its lack of VMU compatibility for the neat second-screen experiences. For any players looking for a way to play the Dreamcast wirelessly, this is currently the only cost-effective way to do so

Extend the range of the Sega Dreamcast controller with these extensions from Mcbazel.

For players that will only play with first-party controllers, looking into a controller extension cable can make a big difference when playing the system in a modern living room setup. The Dreamcast's 6-foot cable lengths make using the systems controller, mouse, or keyboard limited. With the Mcbazel Controller Extension Cable players can add another 6 feet to their favorite input devices. With 12 combined feet of length between the extension and controller, most setups should be perfectly accommodated!

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Save Dreamcast game progress with the MadCatz Memory Card.

Sadly, there are not a lot of alternative memory cards available today for the Sega Dreamcast. The new VM2 is an end-all-be-all VMU replacement, but the steep asking price will be a limiting factor for most players. For a more cost-effective alternative, relying on new old stock of memory cards from back in the day is the current way to go! While MadCatz has never been the most reputable brand, their Dreamcast memory card functions as intended with 200 blocks of save capabilities. The cards even still come in the original packaging, making them a true throwback to the late 90s! At the lower price point, grabbing 2 or more won't break the bank.

Feel the action happening on the screen by adding a Rumble Pack to the Sega Dreamcast controller!

One of the coolest aspects of the Dreamcast controller design back in the day was that it had 2 expansion ports built into it. This allowed for the easy use of the VMU or memory card and rumble packs to get the best of both worlds without the constant swapping seen during N64 gameplay. Today, the controller's lack of built-in rumble is a bit more annoying, as finding Sega Jump Packs is becoming a more expensive proposition. Thankfully, new old stock is still readily available for third-party alternatives such as those from Innovation. They get the job done, but they are louder in use than official Sega models so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Easily connect the Sega Dreamcast to a modern display using this HDMI adapter from LevelHike!

Hooking the Sega Dreamcast up to modern displays is an interesting experience. The system natively supports both composite video and VGA output giving it two distinct output modes, with VGA being the more preferable option. Sadly not every Dreamcast game was programmed to support VGA output, making it less than ideal in practice. With modern displays, things get even more complicated as most TVs lack both TV and VGA input options. For players looking to hook the Dreamcast up to a modern display, the easiest method is to use an HDMI adapter like those offered by LevelHike. LevelHike's HDMI Adapter For Dreamcast will get the system easily connected to a modern display and scaled up to 720P output.

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There are a number of caveats though: the first of which is the adapter is not compatible with every Dreamcast title, thanks to it using the VGA output. For incompatible games, players will be met with only a black screen or returned to the system menu with a warning about incompatible cable types. The next prevalent issue comes from input lag caused by the scaling process. While it should remain fairly unnoticeable to casual players, it is there. As a slight annoyance, this adapter also doesn't have the aspect ratio switch found on other LevelHike products. For players that know their Dreamcast library fully support VGA output though, there is really no easier way to get the system connected to a modern display at this price point.

Give the Seag Dreamcast its best possible picture output by using a VGA cable!

For players still rocking older displays with VGA input or a scaler like the OSSC, a VGA cable is the best option for Dreamcast video output. While not compatible with every game, players will get the best possible picture quality available from the system without the unwanted input lag present on HDMI adapters. The Mcbazel VGA Cable For Dreamcast is one of the best offerings available today, with VGA output and audio output available via RCA plugs. Best yet, it is shielded to prevent image degradation and comes at a very affordable price. As a reminder, however, not all Dreamcast games support VGA output, so a pair of composite cables will still be needed to take advantage of the entire Dreamcast library.

When Sega discontinued the Dreamcast back in the early 2000s they also announced they were leaving the home console market to continue on as a third-party publisher making the Dreamcast Sega's last home console released.

The Sega Dreamcast was home to a number of online titles such as Quake III Arena and the incredibly popular MMO Phantasy Star Online. These games can still be played online thanks to community efforts.

Sadly, the lack of sales and increasing rarity makes getting into the Dreamcast scene more expensive every year. Many of the system's best games have also been ported to other systems leaving very little left that is exclusive to the platform. That being said, playing Dreamcast games on their original hardware has always been the best way to experience them, and arcade ports in particular are best on Dreamcast.

Thanks to community efforts, a number of new Dreamcast games have been launched since the system was discontinued. A number of new titles are even releasing this year!

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