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May 14, 2023

InfoComm 2023 5 Innovations to See: Humly Debuts, Lightware Talks USB

Be sure to catch all these solutions from Humly, Lightware, Avocor, Planar, and

Be sure to catch all these solutions from Humly, Lightware, Avocor, Planar, and Ophit.

The Road to InfoComm 2023 is officially open, as the show is just over a month away. We'll do our best to keep you up to date with all the products and news information ahead of time. Today, take a look at what five exhibitors are bringing to Orlando in June.

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Humly will launch its two premium interactive hardware solutions in North America at its first InfoComm show next month. The announcement follows news that Humly has expanded its North American presence through reseller partnerships with A.Visual, Dekom, and other strategic partners who will support Humly's hardware and software demonstrations at Booth 3988.

Humly will introduce its Humly Booking Device and Humly Room Display to North American audiences, both of which help people find places to work and collaborate without distraction. Humly introduced Humly Booking Device, a slim, small, and infinitely flexible device, at ISE 2023 in February. The Humly Room Display, introduced in 2020 to simplify meeting room reservations, was recently certified for Google Workplace and is widely deployed in Europe and Asia.

The new Humly Booking Device, now shipping, addresses the evolving challenges of the hybrid workplace, providing staff and visitors with a versatile capacitive touchscreen solution to view and reserve available bookable spaces on campus. Its slim form factor houses a small, high-resolution LCD display (3.46 inches) and provides flexible mounting and positioning options on and underneath various surfaces, including walls, shelves, desks, and private phone booths. Offices with shared desks and flexible workplace modules can install the device at the precise locations where people work, with versatile tabletop, shelf, and under-surface mounting options. Read more about it here.

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Humly introduced its first hardware solution, Humly Room Display, at a time when most office buildings were closed yet were beginning to consider return-to-work strategies under uncertain conditions. Humly Room Display was developed to help people find collaboration spaces they have booked through reservation software, and guide people to currently available spaces. Display content includes details on who has booked the room and for how long, ensuring that meetings proceed without disturbance. Its iconic, timeless look matches any modern office aesthetic, with a sleek and energy-efficient design.

Humly Room Display is scalable to fit the needs of large corporations, with enterprise-class security that prevents outside intrusions. Administrators can use the Humly Control Panel to monitor and manage an entire fleet of displays from a single location, whether on-premises or remotely via Humly Cloud. Same as Humly Booking Device, its open API makes it easy for developers to create seamless integrations with complementary solutions, including smart-office and collaboration technologies.

Lightware Visual Engineering will give the professional AV market its first glimpse of the new USB-C extension on booth 3261.

Lightware listened to the Pro AV community and identified a growing demand for USB-C extension to tackle the challenges many system designers and integrators face in today's meeting room environments.

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As a natural progression of the widely popular Taurus UCX platform, Lightware will introduce the new Taurus UCX variants at InfoComm 2023. These devices allow users to extend USB-C signals over longer distances, empowering system architects with more flexibility for designing collaborative spaces.

Lightware's world premiere of USB-C extension at InfoComm 2023 will allow visitors to learn more about simplifying and future-proofing their meeting rooms with Lightware's technology and ask questions from Lightware's dedicated team.

Cables can make or break any AV operation, but they are often overlooked. Lightware understands this, and has invested in delivering USB-C and HDMI cables that users can trust.

Beyond their unrivaled reliability, these accessories offer full-featured capabilities to ensure users can bring out the most of what USB-C technology offers. With lengths up to 10 meters for USB-C, Lightware's cables, again, go the extra mile (or meter) in durability and features.

Lightware prides itself on offering the most comprehensive knowledge about USB-C and will host a Manufacturer's Training at InfoComm 2023. Their training, titled the ‘USB-C Masterclass’, will enable participants to deepen their knowledge and obtain AVIXA RU points. Attendees can register for AVIXA's Manufacturer Training sessions as part of their regular InfoComm registration process. The USB-C Masterclass will take place on June 14 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Planar is bringing the newly launched Planar UltraRes W Series 105-inch ultra-wide format LCD display, optimized for next-generation collaboration for today's modern hybrid workforce to InfoComm 2023 at booth 2243.

The Planar UltraRes W Series provides customers with a secure, 105-inch ultra-wide format display that is ideally sized to suit the most popular unified communications and video collaboration platforms including Microsoft Teams. Planar UltraRes W Series also features brighter, wider color gamut panels with local dimming.

Available in 105-inch size, Planar UltraRes W Series combines a wide color gamut 5K HDR display with a commercial grade 24x7 fanless industrial design. The Planar UltraRes W Series is available in both non-touch and optically bonded 50-point projected capacitive touch technology.

Developed in response to customers’ request for Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant 21:9 displays for unified collaboration across numerous geographies, the Planar UltraRes W Series provides a super-fast touch experience, ideal for fast paced collaboration. Planar UltraRes W Series LCD displays are backed by the benefits of Planar, a US-based display manufacturer with 40 years of proven reliability, and local pre- and post-sales support.

Avocor is set to exhibit at Infocomm 2023, focusing on connected, collaborative meeting experiences. Bringing its latest innovations to the show floor, visitors can get hands-on with Avocor solutions in the Conference and Collaboration Zone, booth 3671.

The big news from Avocor is that it has announced a strategic alliance with AUO Display Plus. A subsidiary of AUO Corporation, AUO Display Plus (ADP) is a smart display solution provider focusing on enterprise, education, healthcare, and mobility. Due to the emergence of new technologies, hybrid work models, and the need for agile management, enterprises are accelerating digital transformation and changing their operation and management methods. AUO Display Plus leverages well-known parent AUO's decades of engineering, design, and manufacturing excellence to bring cutting-edge office and meeting room solutions to the adaptive workplace to enhance collaboration and maximize spatial efficiency. Visitors to the Avocor booth will be able to learn more about this new partnership and the unique benefits it will bring to Avocor customers and partners.

The stand-out product for workspace collaboration is the new L Series, Avocor's first foray into 21:9 aspect ratio displays. Ideal for organizations investing in Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms, the L Series features stunning 5K image resolution utilizing superior PCAP glass technology and includes touch and non-touchscreen options. Designed to derive exceptional value from hybrid meetings, the L Series offers users a more spacious, immersive view than conventional dimension displays with an expanded horizontal workspace.

Ophit will have two solutions on display in Orlando.

OMCC (4K Multi-Format Cross Converter)

Ophit's OMCC is a compact and lightweight 4K multi-format cross-converter capable of converting HDMI or DisplayPort signals to SDI 12G, 6G, and 3G, creating high-definition signals through the SDI bypass function without compromising video signal quality. This distinctively constructed cross-converter converts DisplayPort and SDI signals into HDMI output and HDMI and DisplayPort into SDI output, producing a maximum resolution of up to 4K@60Hz. Additionally, one of the unique feature characteristics of the OMCC is the option of selecting the input video format using the Tact switch and the output video format using the Slide switch. This feature is compatible with various professional broadcast equipment, allowing easy integration into existing installation setups.

FTHS and FTDS (4K HDMI 2.0a and DisplayPort 1.2 Optical Fiber Extenders)

Ophit's FTHS (HDMI 2.0a) and FTDS (DisplayPort 1.2) optical extenders transmit high-speed data signals up to 656 feet (200m) over SC multimode fiber for stunning image quality in True 4K resolution without signal degradation. These compact-sized optical extenders support 4K@60Hz video resolutions, HDCP 2.2 (FTHS), DPCD (FTDS), and electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection for reliability and security between the source and the device. The FTHS and FTDS optical extenders are slim, easy to install, and provide a stable and secure connection to any high-definition video source, making them ideal for video walls, digital signage, long-distance broadcasting, control rooms, and medical imaging applications. It is compatible with various HDMI and DisplayPort-equipped devices and can be used in commercial and residential settings.

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