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Jul 02, 2023


BLIKVM is an open-source KVM over IP software that helps you manage servers or

BLIKVM is an open-source KVM over IP software that helps you manage servers or workstations remotely regardless of the health of the target system, and currently working with Raspberry Pi CM4 hardware, a Raspberry Pi HAT, or a PCIe board, and a new model based on MangoPi's Allwinner H616 CPU module is coming soon.

We’ve previously written about the Raspberry Pi-based PiKVM DIY project, followed by the PiKVM v3 Raspberry Pi HAT from the same project, and now I can see there's a CM4-based PiKVM V4 that was on Kickstarter last month and raised over $800,000… You’d think this kind of system would be rather a niche market, but there's even demand to have a similar open-source project called BLIKVM offering many of the same features since it's based on PiKVM, except for the option to use a PCIE card fitted with a CM4 module.

Highlights of the BLIKVM project:

You’ll find the software and scripts for BLIKVM on GitHub, while the detailed documentation is hosted on Blicube. They also have a table comparing various hardware running PIKVM, BLIKVM, or TinyPilot software.

You can check our GeerLing Engineering video review of the BLIKVM CM4 model to better understand its capabilities and what can be done with it.

Blicube sells all three versions of the hardware on Aliexpress with the BliKVM CM4 going for $68.32 (or $146.30 with all accessories including a CM4), the PiKVM v3 BliKVM HAT kits for $96.40, and the BliKVM PCIe for $118.50.

As mentioned in the introduction, there's also a more compact, and possibly cheaper, model in the works that features Mango Pi's tiny mCore-H616 Allwinner H616 CPU module.

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BLIKVM going for $68.32 (or $146.30 with all accessories including a CM4) for $96.40 for $118.50