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Oct 16, 2023

PlexusAV unveils standards

PlexusAV’s P-AVN4 features 1 Gigabit transport and harnesses IPMX to provide

PlexusAV's P-AVN4 features 1 Gigabit transport and harnesses IPMX to provide JPEG-XS, JPEG-XS FIP, H.264 and HEVC codec options

By Jenny Priestley

PlexusAV, a division of Sencore, is unveiling the AVN Series, including an IPMX Transceiver (P-AVN4), Plexus Visual Array Appliance (P-AVN-VSA) and Plexus Gateway (P-AVN-GTW).

The series is based on SMPTE ST 2110, and is designed to enable the transport of compressed and uncompressed video, audio, and data over IP networks.

PlexusAV's P-AVN4 is an IPMX transceiver that can be configured to operate as an encoder or decoder. It features 1 Gigabit transport and harnesses IPMX to provide JPEG XS, JPEG XS FIP, H.264 and HEVC codec options.

The P-AVN4 includes three 1 Gigabit network ports, HDMI inputs and outputs with HDCP support, USB-C video inputs, analogue audio I/O and IR/RS232 support, said the company.

The P-AVN-VSA is a central management and control solution that features flexible two-level device grouping and filterable tagging functionality. It includes a simplified API to enable integration with third-party systems.

The P-AVN-GTW is a gateway device that can connect to remote locations with support for SRT and RIST. It includes H.264/265 protocol conversion for streamlined delivery to content delivery networks and cloud-based services.

Steven Cogels, global director of business development for PlexusAV said: "PlexusAV has gathered deep knowledge from decades of success in the broadcast industry through Sencore, our parent company, to create an interoperable solution that leverages an industry standard, IMPX."

Jenny Priestley

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