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Dec 29, 2023

Atomos Apple ProRes RAW plug

7:21 am June 2, 2023 By Julian Horsey Atomos has revealed that it will now

7:21 am June 2, 2023 By Julian Horsey

Atomos has revealed that it will now offer immediate support for the innovative Apple ProRes RAW plugins. This groundbreaking addition enables camera manufacturers to leverage the individualistic attributes of their cameras, including sensors, lenses, and more, by introducing their distinctive ProRes RAW processing pipeline. The ProRes RAW plugin model is engineered to operate not only with macOS, but also seamlessly with Windows and Linux operating systems.

ProRes RAW has been acknowledged globally as the de facto RAW video format. The advent of plugins introduces the ability for every camera manufacturer to offer their proprietary processing in a fully private manner. The method involves developing a single ProRes RAW plugin, thereby showcasing the optimal quality and individualistic aesthetics produced by their cameras.

Effectively, ProRes RAW serves as a vehicle for their bespoke processing, bringing the distinctive traits of any camera, sensor, lens, and processing setup into the post-production process. ProRes RAW plugins will find support in Final Cut Pro and numerous third-party applications that have acquired the ProRes RAW SDK license, such as nonlinear editors (NLEs) and color correction applications.

The procedure for implementation is uncomplicated: simply initiate the installation of the camera manufacturer's ProRes RAW plugin, and Final Cut Pro will instantaneously exhibit all the new enhanced features of the supported camera. Using a ProRes RAW plugin facilitates camera-specific adjustments, including custom white balancing, noise reduction, demosaicing, lens distortion correction, and more.

Canon has paved the way as the first camera manufacturer to release a ProRes RAW Plugin, with its EOS R5, R5 C, and R6 Mark II cameras delivering RAW to an Atomos monitor-recorder. Atomos has already fully activated ProRes RAW plugin support for these cameras in its current release firmware for Ninja V, Ninja V+, and Shogun Connect.

With its capability to record ProRes RAW from over 50 camera models’ RAW output through SDI or HDMI, Atomos has a unique position to capture this newly enhanced metadata standard.

Trevor Elbourne, Atomos CEO, asserts, "This fresh attribute within the ProRes RAW ecosystem will undeniably transform perspectives regarding the recording of ProRes RAW." He further adds, "For the first time, filmmakers now have the best of all possible scenarios: the ability to film in ProRes RAW while having the option to instantaneously apply camera-specific processing, utilize standard processing, or modify individual parameters according to personal preferences. This raises a compelling question: why wouldn't you film in ProRes RAW?".

Elbourne further expresses his pride in collaborating with Apple and Canon, stating, "We are thrilled to work with Apple and Canon in order to bring this ProRes RAW innovation to the marketplace." He continues, "Our first-to-market achievement with the 8K ProRes RAW compatible mirrorless camera – the Canon EOS R5 – has led us to yet another significant leap in the evolution of the ProRes RAW format.

Apple ProRes RAW and Apple ProRes RAW HQ pave the way to seamlessly integrate raw media into your workflow, offering the same performance, quality, and ease-of-use that Apple ProRes has made a standard.

The Apple ProRes codec suite is a game-changer, offering a perfect blend of real-time, multistream editing capabilities, and superior image quality preservation. Anchored in the same foundational technology as the existing Apple ProRes codecs, ProRes RAW is perfectly suited for High Dynamic Range (HDR) content creation using tools like Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor.

ProRes RAW revolutionizes the handling of raw video, providing the same excellent performance, quality, and ease-of-use as ProRes does for traditional video formats. By storing clips in the ProRes RAW format, you gain enhanced control over image processing aspects such as demosaicing, linear-to-log conversions, and custom LUTs, compared to proprietary camera raw formats.

The brilliance of ProRes RAW lies in its ability to facilitate the import, editing, and grading of raw data directly from your camera sensor, without hampering your editing speed. It grants maximum flexibility for adjusting the look of your video and expanding the range of brightness and shadows.

ProRes RAW ensures a faster rendering and export experience than other raw formats. This optimized performance is designed for macOS and the latest Mac computers. Furthermore, ProRes RAW files occupy less space than standard formats, enabling you to store more footage on each card.

Two ProRes RAW compression levels are available for selection: ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ. Both options offer outstanding preservation of raw video content, with ProRes RAW HQ delivering added quality at an elevated data rate. Since ProRes RAW is designed to maintain consistent quality and immaculate image fidelity for all frames, data rates can fluctuate based on image content.

Raw video playback demands video bit stream decoding and raw image conversion. Final Cut Pro simplifies and optimizes this conversion process specifically for Apple ProRes RAW files. The experience of using ProRes RAW with Final Cut Pro mirrors the real-time, multistream video editing performance familiar to standard media users of Apple ProRes RAW.

Additionally, the Afterburner card in Mac Pro (2019) enhances decoding and playback of multiple streams of ProRes and Pro Res RAW video files, boosting overall performance.

With Pro Video Formats installed on your Mac, ProRes RAW files can be viewed using QuickTime Player and Quick Look. As ProRes RAW records high-dynamic-range data directly from the camera sensor, the footage might appear overexposed on your Mac display.

Since ProRes RAW is an acquisition format generated by cameras and video recorders directly from your camera sensor, it's not possible to create ProRes RAW files using video software. For exporting ProRes RAW files to other formats, you can use Final Cut Pro, Motion, or Compressor. QuickTime Player does not support exporting ProRes RAW to other formats.

For more information on the Apple ProRes RAW format jump over to the official Apple support site

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