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Apr 07, 2023

Allwinner D1s/F133 RISC

Allwinner D1s (aka F133) is a cost-down version of Allwinner D1 RISC-V processor

Allwinner D1s (aka F133) is a cost-down version of Allwinner D1 RISC-V processor introduced earlier this year together with a Linux capable development board, with the main difference being the integrated 64MB DDR2.

Besides the built-in RAM, Allwinner D1s comes with many of the same features as D1 RISC-V SoC, but loses HDMI output and the HiFi 4 audio DSP, and Allwinner made some tweaks to the IOs with one less I2S audio interface, and general-purpose ADC.

Allwinner D1s/F133 specifications:

The processor page on Allwinner's website does not mention RISC-V at all, only RISC, but I found about the processor via the MangoPi team who teased us with the upcoming MangoPi-MQ1 SBC based on Allwinner F133-A processor, so I can confirm it's indeed a RISC-V processor.

For further confirmation, the xfel FEL tool for Allwinner D1 on Github also supports F133. Supported operating systems include Melis RTOS based on RT-Thread, and Tina Linux (OpenWrt).

Allwinner D1s looks to be designed for cameras and smart displays and offers peripherals, embedded RAM just like Allwinner V3s or SigmaStar SSD210 Arm-based processors. Boards based on Allwinner D1s/F133 should be very cost-effective with Linux-capable RISC-V SBCs likely to sell for $10+ and up. We’ll know soon, as MangoPi-MQ1 mass production is scheduled for November, and the board should start selling on Taobao and Seeed Studio soon after.

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